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Utah Investment Management Services

We evaluate the diversification within our clients’ portfolios, and recommend ways to improve performance and lower costs. We provide guidance on all assets held by the client, including taxable funds, 401(k)s and IRAs, real estate, variable annuities and universal life insurance policies. Additionally, we determine an appropriate emergency fund for each client, and recommend investment opportunities for these funds.

Our active asset management philosophy incorporates no-load and no-transaction fee investments. We use analytical tools such as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to develop a customized portfolio that represents the risk tolerance of each individual client. Our proprietary “Best Stocks, Best Funds” investment strategy provides a systematic method for identifying promising investment opportunities without paying the fees charged by top money managers. Additionally, our closely monitored “Sector Rotation” and “Tactical Momentum Allocation” strategies provide additional diversifying components to our clients’ portfolios and enables them to take advantage of major market swings.

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