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LeAnn Veltri

Prior to working at Net Worth Advisory group LeAnn worked for Mountain Bell/US West/Qwest telephone for nearly 20 years. LeAnn began her telephone career as a cord-board operator assisting customers in making long distance calls. She laughingly says that those were the “good old days”. After her management position was phased out LeAnn began working for Net Worth Advisory Group as an office manager in 2009. She now works as the Client Service Manager for Ray LeVitre’s team. LeAnn graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. LeAnn has five children and three grandchildren who are the light of her life. LeAnn’s hobbies include road cycling, cross-country skiing, and doing home-improvement projects. She is actively involved in volunteer work through her religious organization, and is a volunteer for the American Kidney Foundation as a kidney donor and donations advocate.

Email: leann@networthadvice.com