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What to Expect

We Listen Compassionately to Help You Plan Strategically

Straightforward Guidance

To Achieve Your Retirement Goals

Throughout our process, we aim to address your concerns, define your objectives and give you a clear understanding of how we plan to upgrade your financial circumstances. We always prepare a financial plan for you in the preliminary stages of working together. This gives you the opportunity to learn about how we work, see how we can help—and make an informed decision about a long-term relationship. 

Our Process

Step 1 Planning Process Net Worth Advisory Group Salt Lake City, UT

Step 1

We begin every relationship with a complimentary consultation. This gives us both an opportunity to get to know each other, and it’s a chance for you to ask questions, get feedback or a second opinion and see if we’re a good fit for you. This is usually in person at our office but can be virtual if preferred or if distance is an issue.

Reach Out for a Consultation

Step 2 Planning Process Net Worth Advisory Group Salt Lake City, UT

Step 2

If you decide to move forward with us, we will create a comprehensive financial plan for you. This will still take place before we've decided to start a relationship together. Creating a plan consists of gathering information, developing a strategy with analysis and recommendations, then meeting to review the plan. 

Step 3 Planning Process Net Worth Advisory Group Salt Lake City, UT

Step 3

After we’ve created a plan for you, you’ll decide if you’d like to begin a long-term relationship. If choosing to start a collaboration with us, we'll implement your plan and regularly monitor your progress and investments. We'll meet twice a year to review and update your strategy.

Envision Your Finances

Cared for By a Team of Dedicated Professionals

As your financial partner, we will do the heavy lifting of opening any new accounts, transferring money, placing trades and more. And as your confidant, we’re here for you to talk through life’s changes and calibrate your wealth strategy as your needs evolve.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Financial Picture

We can help.

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